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Nüsli is no ordinary food company – and the story of how we came about is no ordinary story.

Our founder, Dermot Hanley, spent over 20 years as an investment banker in Toronto and New York. But for most of that time, he dreamt of starting a cheese farm back in Ireland – home to the best grass and the happiest cows!

So when he took his family on a one-year sabbatical in France in 2002, it came as no surprise that the trip ‘accidentally’ took in all the big cheese producing regions.

Fast forward 6 years and Dermot was back in Ireland. Despite his best efforts, he was still working in corporate finance but had taken a step nearer his first love of food via a post grad course in University College Cork.

Stretched to the limit between work and study, Dermot had no down time, too much stress – and wasn’t making the best food choices. All the ‘good for you’ stuff was too bad and the ‘bad for you’ stuff was too good.

He longed for the simple life back in France – and particularly the amazing Bircher Muesli that both fuelled him and delighted him on the ski slopes of the Alps.

And then and there, a big decision was made. If he couldn’t buy the product he wanted – he’d have to make it himself!

Dermot’s promise to himself was that there would be nothing artificial in Nüsli. No fake flavours, artifical colours or preservatives – just the freshest, lightest taste and the purest of pure goodness.

The first thing he did was surround himself with a team of brilliant food scientists. People who could turn a dream into a reality and who could solve technical problems such as ‘how do you mix yogurt and grains without turning it into something gloopy and unpalatable?’

Next he looked to selecting the best possible ingredients, testing every possible grain combination and process to make sure it was the best texture, the best tasting and the most nutritious.

The winners, by a country mile, were the amazing Kells Wholemeal in County Kilkenny, who supply our delicious and nutritious rolled whole-wheat, and the legendary Flahavan’s company in County Waterford who supply our fabulous oats.

After that came the choice of yogurt. We tried literally every brand in Ireland before setting on the wonderful, award-winning Killowen Farm.

From there, we turned our attention to sourcing the best apple juice in the land, and ended up on the delightful Ballycross Farm in Wexford. Their juice is pure, unfiltered, smooth and subtly sweet – you can almost smell the orchard! Expensive – yes, but worth every penny.

We then sourced the highest quality freshest almonds and hazelnuts and blended them to add flavour and texture.

Eventually, after endless rounds of taste testing – both by itself and with coffee, tea, juices and water – we have decided on three fabulous flavours of Nüsli.

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