Nothing but nature's finest

killowen-farm2Nothing but Nature’s finest

We’ve created Nüsli for that special moment in your day when you want to feel good about yourself – from the inside out.

We want it to help you to do more, enjoy more and get more out of the things that are important to you.

We’ve created Nüsli with YOU in mind, making it seriously simple to get more grains, more yogurt, more fruit and more nuts into your diet – the sort of thing you’ll find in any government food guide »

Now here’s the science bit

There are specific scientific benefits to all our ingredients.

Beta Glucans from oats help maintain normal blood cholesterol. They also help reduce blood sugar after a meal. Arabinoxylan from whole-wheat grains also helps reduce blood sugar levels after a meal.

Calcium from yogurt contributes to muscle function, helps maintain normal bones and teeth, and contributes to blood clotting and neurotransmission.

Live yoghurt cultures improve lactose digestion, while oat grain fibre is good for faecal bulk (we kid you not!)

Despite all this science, we are not big fans of hair shirts and believe that food should also be about great taste and enjoying what you eat.

Eating good food (and food that is good for you) should be a pleasure and also be a moment that matters in your day. That is why we only use the finest ingredients, sourced from the very best producers in the land, with nothing artificial added.

We also believe that it should be easy to eat well, which is why we designed Nüsli to have a spoon, be easy to hold on the move and easy to see what’s inside.

Quite simply, Nüsli is the art of eating clever!